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Tue, 31 Jan 2006 16:59:03 EST
From: DP
Subject: Eminem and the Teenaged GardenerDisclaimer: This story is of pure fiction, and doesn't imply the true
sexuality Eminem or of any other the persons involved in this story. If
you are under 18 and or if it is illegal to read this type of material
where you are from please leave now. If you are offended by this type
homosexually explicit material, then this website isn't for you.Eminem and the Teenaged Gardener"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY YARD!?" yelled Marshal Mathers to his
FUCKIN' FIRED!"Marshal stormed angrily away, and thought to himself"I bet can find someone half his age that can 70s porn seka fran do under 10 sex pics a better job ametuar porn 411 than him, and
I can pay less."So he placed an ad in the paper, and the first person to call he hired. He
told him to report to his house, and then he would debrief him about his
tasks. About two hours later the doorbell rang, and Marshal came and
opened the door, and the boy stood there in shock."You're Eminem!" exclaimed the boy."Oh really, I didn't notice. Marshal sarcastically replied back.The new gardener could tell ls dreams issue 04 that he already made a bad first impression.
Marshall led him into the house, which was gigantic, and down into the back
yard, and explained to him not to get grass into the pool, so cover it
before he began, and if he needed anything that he was to make a list and
give to him. He would leave 5 bottles of water in the fridge, and he could
get it, but he needed to ring the doorbell, and then wait 3 minutes, and
then he could enter, unless it was an emergency, then just come in."So you start next Wednesday", said Marshal as he led the boy to the door."OK", said the boy."Oh yeah, what is your name again?""Ryan"Ryan was 17 and about big boob bride 19 three inches shorter than Marshal, he 16 yo sex pics
didn't have
much muscle, but he was developing them. He had short brunette hair (but
not bald), quite sexy, and he had a nice round butt.The next couple of weeks 104 time to swing were went very well until one day Ryan forgot to
ring the bell before he went inside to get a drink of water. The next
thing that Ryan sees is Marshal walk by him, he was going to girl sexy 15y say something,
but he was surprised because he was completely naked, and he was carrying a
laundry basket. Ryan began to become erect, and was afraid to move.
Marshal then turned to go into the bathroom, and Ryan had to do a double
take, when he saw the size of his cock. It was about 7 inches long
flaccid, and about the girth of pop-bottle top. 1 strap walker As Marshal walked out the
bathroom, and looked over and saw Ryan grinning and rushed over at32 comedy webcam to him."WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!", yelled MarshalMarshal pushed Ryan toward under 10 sex pics the stove. Ryan had worn boxers, and his cock
had been able to push through the fly, and Marshal could see a tent in his
basketball 16 with huge boobs
shorts."ARE YOU A FAGGOT""Nnnoo" shuddered Ryan, although he knew he was.Then Marshal punched him in the gut, and then Ryan leaned forward, and
grabbed his stomach, and his Wife spy cam 09 face came in contact with Marshal's cock.
Marshal then grabbed Ryan's hair, and threw him on the couch."You love cock, now I am going to give it to you." said Marshal.Ryan had never done anything with another guy, so he was excited, yet
afraid. Eminem had been apart of many of Ryan's fantasies, now he was
going to suck him off."Open up"Ryan did as he was told, and Marshal placed the head of his cock into his
mouth. As Ryan licked over the shaft, it began to grow. It reached 12-1/2
inches in length, and the girth of a can. Marshal pushed his cock into his
mouth, and slowly began to work it down into his throat. As the cock was
going down his throat it began to stretch his throat muscles, and caused
him to gag, and he wanted to cry. Ryan looked up at Marshal, but he was in
ecstasy, and was paying very 15inch babydoll clothes little attention to him. Ryan realized that
this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he was going to take it.
Finally Marshal's cock under 10 sex pics was completely in his mouth, and he could hear
Marshal moaning loudly. At this point, Marshal had Ryan on his back, and
was face fucking him. Ryan loved every bit of it. After about 20 min of
this Marshal pushed his cock down into Ryan's throat, and released his
seed."Shit that was awesome!" exclaimed Marshal to himself.Marshal got up and ruffled Ryan's hair, and began to walk toward the
bathroom. He turned around, nude boys 11 y.o. and looked at Ryan sitting in the couch."What's wrong with you?" said Marshal.Ryan got up and walked toward Marshal, and looked him in the eyes, and
asked"Will you fuck me?"Something Marshal never fist watt f3 amplifier thought he would never be asked that by another
male, and did something he never expected to do. He stepped closer to
Ryan, and began to kiss him. He stuck his tongue down his throat, and at
that moment, Ryan had his answer. They both went to 5mb porn
Marshal's room, and
began to kiss again. Marshal held Ryan's ass, and began to squeeze the
soft buttocks. Then he began to remove Ryan's his clothes. The laid Ryan
on the bed, and grabbed a bottle of lube off the nightstand, and rubbed it
on his cock, and then took a little more, and rubbed a little on Ryan's
tight pucker, but didn't enter into his ass. Ryan turned over onto his
stomach, and placed a pillow underneath his torso."How bad do you want it?" said Marshal."Real bad!" moaned Ryan."How bad is real bad?" said Marshal slyly. " How bad do you want me to fuck
you?""I want you to fuck me so hard that I bleed! I want you to fuck me even if
I tell you to stop!"That was all Marshal needed to hear. He lined his cock up with Ryan's
hole, and pushed the head of his cock into Ryan's tight ass."Fuck your tight!!"Marshal then pushed 6 inches into him, and then began to work his cock in
and out of Ryan's ass. Ryan screamed in pain, and he knew that there was
no turning back. Eventually all 12-1/2 inches were inside of him, and
Marshal continued the mercifulness pounding of Ryan's ass. After about 15
minutes of horrible pain, it soon turned into pleasure. While still
fucking him, Marshal turned Ryan onto his back, and continued to tap that
teen ass."Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!" was all Ryan could manage to say.Ryan was eventually sitting in Marshal's lap riding his cock, and kissing
as Marshal slapped his teen butt."Who owns this ass?""You own this ass!"Marshal had Ryan leaning over the side of the bed, and continued making
love to Ryan."Let me ride your cock" Ryan whispered to Marshal.Without taking his cock out of Ryan's ass, they got on the bed, and Ryan
began to ride Marshal like a pro. After about 30 minutes of Ryan riding
Marshal, he began to swell in Ryan's ass, and then Marshal grabbed Ryan's
hips, and pulled him down to the base, and shot 8 large of loads of cum
into Ryan's willing hole, and from the sheer ecstasy of the moment Ryan
blew his load all over Marshal's chest. They both took a shower to clean
evidence of their sexual escapades away.Ryan had missed the last bus home, so he called his mom to get him. While
he was waiting he fell asleep on the couch. About an hour later she
arrived."Is Ryan here?" His mother asked when Marshal opened the door."Yes, he is on the couch sleep." I'll carry him out to the car, because we
better not wake him," Marshal said slyly, "because he is very, very tired."THE END
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